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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A visit to St. Peter's school in Rossett

As I told all my students I went to the United Kingdom on Holiday. I've been visiting several interesting places among which Liverpool, Chester and Rossett. All of you know Liverpool and maybe Chester too but not everybody knows about Rossett.
Here is a map showing my journey and the places visited.

Rosett is a small town near Chester where St. Peter's school is. This is school is the very same school we have started a postcard project with. So January 4th I had the chance to visit it and to meet the head teacher Mrs Helen Pritchard, the teachers Mr Lloyd and Mrs Bayliss, some other teachers and all the students. They were all very happy and I was happy too to meet them. I gave them the cards and a present my students prepared and they gave me the postcards. We had the time to talk a little bit about our school systems and the English pupils asked me some questions I answered happily. It has really been a very nice visit, all the people warmly welcomed me and I felt as if I knew them ever since. I hope we can continue with our project even in the next years. 

Here is a short presentation of my visit to St. Peter's school, look and enjoy!

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