"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" (John Lennon)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Narnia: a fantastic world!

This year I'm enjoying exploring fantastic worlds and living great adventures together with Tom Sawyer, Alice in Wonderland and the kids of Narnia, they are all very similar to my students!
So some days ago, after having read a short text on Narnia in class III D, I showed them this video that is almost without words.

Ater that the students pretended to be Lucy and tried to imagine her feelings, her emotions, her thoughts and wrote short dialogues.

Then they also performed the dialogues and here are the first attempts.

Pronunciation needs to be improved a lot but they really made an effort to speak in front of my powerful ipad and tried to be less shy than usual!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Flat Stanely and the European Countries: English and Geography

Flat Stanley around Europe is the eTwinning project we are involved in class II A in Giove. Apart from taking care of the Stanleys who come to visit us from other European countries we carry out several activities both to review things we already know and to learn new cultural aspects.
This time we decided to know a bit more about all the EU countries the Stanleys come from and also about some of the other EU countries as well. So, thanks to the cooperation with the teacher of Geography, the students created presentations of some countries they studied writing the info in English. 

Here are their works.


More PowerPoint presentations from chiara


Clicking on the links below you can view all the other presentations.














Friday, March 28, 2014

Alastair and Helen in Giove III

Last Tuesday Alastair and Helen came to Giove again and we had a wonderful lesson.
In fact we talked about Giove and Penna in Teverina. 
First of all Alastair and Helen reviewed some vocabulary about tourism and going places,

then Catalina and Riccardo answered to all the questions their schoolmates asked as if they were working a a tourist office and the students were tourists.

All the students had previously prepared a leaflet with tourist information both about Penna in Teverina and Giove and they really did a good job. 

While they were doing this activity Alastair went around the desks and checked the leaflet.

Not only we enjoyed a lot but we also learnt something new about the places  we live and work. 
Once again we want to thank our special guests and teachers for having been with us and for having given us the chance to learn something we didn't know. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dawn in Lugnano V

This morning Dawn came to school in Lugnano and we had a very interesting talking about the U.S.A.
The students asked a lot of questions such as:

What's the weather like in Central America?
What are the most famous monuments?
What do the Americans eat?
Is it true that cars in the USA are bigger than in Italy?
What are the school like in the USA?
Are there many important universities?
What are the most popular amusement parks?
What are the most important National Parks?
Is it easy to find a job in the USA?

and so on.

The questions asked, Dawn answers, our ideas and her experience allowed us to talk about the USA and to learn a bit more.
Talking about the monuments in Washington DC and in New York we also had the chance to talk about the history of the United States from the Independence to nowadays.
Thank you Dawn, you are a precious a unique resource for all of us!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alastair and Helen in Giove II

This morning we had a very interesting lesson with Alastair and Helen on hobbies and sports.
We discussed about indoors and outdoors sports and activities. We tried to guess each other hobby on the basis of the hint they gave us and we really had a lot of fun when Alastair described Elisa's hobby.
In fact he described it more or less like this: to practice my hobby I use plants and pieces of dead animals! It took a while before we could guess it was cooking!!!

At the end of our lesson we had a tongue twister to improve the pronunciation of "th" and here we laughed a lot too!

All the students were a bit shy but very good and they behaved perfectly!


Photo Competition 2013-2014: "In Wonderland"

Anche quest'anno nei plessi di scuola secondaria di Giove (classi prima e seconda), Lugnano (classi prima e seconda) e Guardea (classe seconda), gli alunni hanno l'opportunità di far volare le ali della loro fantasia partecipando al concorso fotografico "In Wonderland"

Questo il regolamento che verrà affisso anche nelle classi.

Come Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie vede luoghi incantati e personaggi particolari e un po' strani che comunque la accompagnano in un percorso talvolta accidentato, così anche nella vita di tutti i giorni viviamo avventure e incontriamo persone che camminano con noi e ci aiutano a crescere.
Quindi cos'è una meraviglia?
Un luogo, un animale, una persona, una relazione, un tramonto, un sorriso, un abbraccio, un libro, un oggetto, una voce ...

Tutto questo starà a voi ragazzi "fermarlo" in un'immagine con una breve descrizione in "English"!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Translation Competition 2013-2014 part VII

Chapter VII by March 31st

 Chapter XII by March 31st

Article by March 31st

Chapter VII by March 31st

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Special guests in Giove: Alastair and Helen I

This morning students of class III A in Giove welcomed two new friends and teachers: Alastair and Helen. They are a great English couple who are coming to school to speak English with our students and teachers too!
We started the meeting with the students asking questions to the two of them and they answered and asked questions back.

We talked about our countries, Italy and the UK, our traditions, food, likes, languages ...

Helen asked the students for advice to improve her Italian and they suggested to :
1. Talk to Italian people as much as she can
2. Listen to Italian songs
3. Read a book
4. Read the newspaper
5. Watch TV in Italian 
6. Watch movies in Italia with English subtitles
7. Buy and use (!) a dictionary to look up unknown words
8. Do exercises (grammar, vocabulary) using a course book
9. Have a pen-friend
10. Chat with  friends on facebook or on other social networks

And after giving her all these suggestions they realized they are the same to improve English!

Then each student introduced himself/herself saying the name and something he/she likes doing.
We had pronunciation exercises and before they left Alastair told us the story of the Castle of Sismano all in English.

We really had a great lesson and wonderful time today with our new friends and we are looking forward to having them with us next week. moreover all the students behaved "practically perfect" and I'm really proud of all of them!

Next week we will talk about hobbies, interests, sports,  and free time activities. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dawn in Lugnano IV

Last Friday, our American friend Dawn was with us during a lesson of English and we talked about our best trips.
Several students told the class their experiences and their holidays.

This was a good opportunity to review and practice the past simple tense, activities we do on holidays, share nice memories from the students' journeys and a great chance to communicate with our American friend who told us some of her experiences and asked questions to the students. 

To get ready to talk about holidays for the end of year exam and for the Trinity exam you can refer also to these mind maps.