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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Countries and nationalities (1st year students 14-15)

In classes I A, I B, I D and I G we have started studying countries and nationalities.

Following these links you can find online activities to review these vocabulary areas.


Here is a nice video with an old nice song

Friday, September 26, 2014

European Bunting, European day of Languages 2014

To celebrate the European day of Languages we set up an eTwinning project called "European Bunting" together with some other schools in Europe as you can see from the certificate below.

This project aims at:
bringing  countries from all over Europe together so that they can learn about the culture in the different countries;
- learning greetings in many different languages;
- celebrating the European Day of Languages 2014. 

Our students created Italian triangular and normal flags and also flags in the shape of Italy where they drew symbols that characterized our nation and wrote some words that describe it.

Here are some flags our students of the first classes created.

And now we wait for the flags form our  European friends!

Meanwhile, using the words of a very famous Italian film director we want to wish our European partners a  


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pics from the teenagers' world

"Pics from the teenagers' world" is the new eTwinning project we will carry out with the students of class II A throughout this school year.

In this project students will:
- take a photo a month of their world (it can be the sport they practice, the games they play, the house they live in, their favourite room, object, animal, book, shop, etc. it can be the street they live, the park, the school, the classroom, a school trip etc.);
-  describe the photo in around 50 words;
- the best photos and texts will be chosen to create both an e-calendar and a paper calendar. 

Here are the aims of the project:
- to create contacts with European students to know them and the culture of their countries;
- to improve the use of English as a Foreign Language; 
- to implement the use of ICT;
- to develop writing skills in English (using both formal and informal language);
- to work together with the aim of creating friendly relationships.

 We will work with teenagers from a Finnish school in Mäntsälä and will also send letters to them. 

This is the certificate of our project

This is the link to the Finnish school website 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Welcome back to school!

This week we started the lessons and to welcome the students I let them play a game called "Dates game" .

Under each number there is a word that is the answer to a question they have to create. The questions had to be asked to me, their teacher, and were all personal questions.
- the students were divided in teams,
- they were given 5-7 minutes to create the questions,
- they took turns to ask the question,
- if they got it right they scored a point,
- the team with more points is the winner.

At the end of the game I asked them to create their own "dates game" to play all together the following lesson.