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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Board games: part one!

During the Christmas holidays I promised no homework and ... I gave really a little bit.
In fact 2nd and 3rd year students had to create a board game.
2nd year students created board games using the language they studied from the beginning up to now;
3rd year students created board games using the past of the most common irregular verbs.
As they created a lot of games we could only try some of them, but I promised we'll use them all while reviewing what they studied.

3rd year students trying their board games in the school of Lugnano

The 3rd year student Martina, from the school of Giove,  invented and created a wonderful board game we all enjoyed playing. Here you can see her explaining it and the other friends playing. This is a great way to review the past simple: thanks a lot Martina!

Here are 2nd year students from Giove playing with their games.

 The games you can see here are only a part of the games the students made. The fact is we didn't have enough time to play them all. Next time we 'll play with different games and I'll post "Board games: part 2"!

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