"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" (John Lennon)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Our favourite singers and bands

Students of class II A have been doing activities on favourite singers and bands within the eTwinning project "Pics from the teenagers' world".
First they searched for info on the singers they love, then they wrote a description and at last they created a prezi adding both the descriptions and some videos too.
The prezi below was created in cooperation with the Finnish students.

Negatives and questions (present simple)

First year students have just learnt how to ask questions and make negative sentences in the present simple.

These are the structure you need to use to do the exercises you find in the following links


Subject + do/does + notverb base form + ...

      I                 do        not       speak      Chinese

  She            does       not       speak      Chinese


Question word + do/does + subject + verb base form + ... ?

       What                  do             you               study   at school?

       When               does            he                 play football?





Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Learning in the real world: an eTwinning learning event

Today students of class II G had a Skype session together with me and a Helene a Norwegian teacher. When I told the students we would have had this experience they were really excited at the idea of “skyping” with another teacher in English. 
So last week we prepared some questions and this morning they interviewed her. 

The best thing was that as we went on they wanted to ask more and more questions. 

They enjoyed a lot and at the same time spoke English with a teacher from another country using English, in this way they had both the chance of practicing English and of learning more about Norway.

We had this activity because I'm taking part in an eTwinning learning event called "learning in the real world" and this was one of the tasks to carry out. 

This is the interview: 

  1. What do you teach? English and Social Studies
  2. How old are your students? 15-16 years old (year 10)
  3. What age do you start school in Norway? Pupils start school when they are 6
  4. What subjects do you study? Norwegian, Maths, Science, English, a second language, Art, R. E., P. E., Social Studies, International Cooperation …
  5. When do you have holidays? 2 months in summer, 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week at Easter, 1 week in October, 1 week in February
  6. What time do you start and finish school? We start at 8.15 am and finish at 2.00 pm
  7. How many students are there in your class? 26
  8. What’s the weather like at the moment? It’s sunny and warm, it’s around 25°
  9. Do you have an interactive board in your class? Yes we do
  10. When you have a break, do you go out? Only the oldest students can go out
  11. How many breaks do you have? 3
  12. What languages do you study at school? Students study English and another language among French, Spanish and German
  13. Have you ever been to Italy? Yes, several times. I love Rome …
  14. What’s your typical food? Salmon with vegetables
  15. Do you have McDonald? Yes and the students love going there

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Down the chocolate road: an eTwinning project for first year students

First year students of Giove are involved in an eTwinning project called "Down the chocolate road".
The main objectives of the project are:
- share the knowledge of different European towns where chocolate is produced;
- be aware of the healthy sides of chocolate, its origin and production of it around Europe and in their towns;
- make friends with students around Europe, share their languages and cultures,
- exchange chocolates.

To realize this video students searched for words in the internet, then created word clouds using "worlde" (http://www.wordle.net), exported the clouds as images and uploaded them in "animoto" (https://animoto.com)

Second chat with our French friends of the etwinning project "Past heroes of the English speaking world"

Last 20th March we had a chat session with our French friends of the eTwinning project "Past heroes of the English speaking world".
We talked about what we did the previous weekend and week to practice the simple past. They also talked about their likes.

Both Italian and French students have been searching info on important people of the English speaking world and here is a prezi with their presentations and some videos we added. 

Back to the future: our dreams!

Students of class III A have been doing activities about their dream for the eTwinning project "Back to the future". 
They wrote short posts about their "dream house", "dream holiday", "dream job" and dream adventure".
For this activity we used "linoit" an app that creates colorful boards where you can share posts.

Here is the link to read all the posts better.