"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" (John Lennon)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spanish Stanley is spending his Easter holidays with us in Italy!

Spanish Stanley arrived Thursday last week when we were already on holidays so he couldn't meet the students face to face but he spent his holidays with me, my family and my friends.
He stayed with us and experienced our Easter traditions (both in eating and in religious celebrations), he tasted "colomba" that is a typical Easter cake and opened a chocolate egg. He went around Terni, and Cortona, a little town in Tuscany where we spent Easter Monday.
Today he also met our headmaster as we went to Attigliano.
Even though he didn't spend time with the students physically he met some of them virtually thanks to facebook.
Here you can see pics of what he did.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Easter to and from our European friends!

Some days ago students of class III A received Easter cards from their French friends of the eTwinning project they are involved this year that is "Presenting our national celebrities".
They prepared and sent Easter cards to them and got cards from them and after having read all the cards we displayed them in class as you can see from this presentation.

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Today students of class II A received Easter cards from their Finnish friends of the Penfriend project and it was just like a party in class!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Translation Competition 2013-2014 final part

3rd year students we are at the end of this activity. Some of you have still got one or two chapters to go or an article. This is the last due date for this year:

16th May 2014

After this date I will finish checking all your works and give you marks for our efforts that started at the beginning of the school year and went through all these months. You have really done a great job.
I will announce the winners the last week of school. 

London and New York

This is for 3rd year students!

Here are the presentations on London and New York you have the handouts of.
Have a look and choose 4 places you would like to visit in London and 4 in New York, then get ready to talk about them in class after your Easter holidays.

Questions Trinity GESE 3 and 4: conversation practice

Dear 3rd year students here are some questions that can be useful for your Trinity exams GESE 3 and 4 and for the end of year exam too.
You can practice them at home with your friends in pairs or in small groups just like we do at school.
Of course you can print the questions and keep the handouts in your English folder.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dawn in Lugnano VI

Today in Lugnano we talked about best and worst experiences.
In fact 3rd year students were eager to tell Dawn, our American mother tongue teacher and friend, some of their experiences.

They took turns to speak and all of them did really well. They had to use simple past tense and tried not to repeat always the same verbs! So this meeting was a nice chance to talk to an American friend and to practice past tenses as well. We also learnt new words, expressions and rules.

All the students were really interested in listening to each other and in telling their own stories. 
Here is hat we talked about.

After the lesson we thanked Dawn and we wished her Happy Easter and we had a big surprise because she promised to come again in May and we really have no words to express our happiness! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Comics and Mystery Stories.

Students of class III D and II D created stories using comics within the eTwinning project "Let's read and create  comics".
In fact they invented the stories first and then realized comics. Students of class III D wrote their tales and then took out the endings leaving the stories to be completed by their French friends while the students of class II D wrote complete stories as it was also an way of exercises simple past.

Here is a video with the Mystery stories by students of Class II D

These are the stories by students of Class III D to be continued!

Working with another school is really great both because the students and the teachers can make new friends in Europe and also because we have partners to share our ideas, our activities and there are are people who become "readers" of our scary and mystery stories!

Friday, April 4, 2014

We went on a school trip last week!

Second year students went on a school trip last week and this week they told us some of the activities they did. They saw interesting tourist attraction and visited beautiful places. They also had fun on the bus and i the hotel!
Here you find some verbs you can use to describe your school trip. They are in the past simple tense and ...

I challenge you to this contest:
write all the base forms of the verbs you find in this word cloud and write them as a comment. The ones who write all of them correctly will get a prize!!!

        Wordle: School trip

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Exercising for GESE 3

This week students of class III A, D, G worked on creating questions to ask each other following the conversation areas for the Trinity Exams GESE 3.

After having created some questions they asked them to their mates and had a conversation either in pairs or in small groups.

Here are all the questions they could think of.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Flat Stanley Fashion Show part one

Here is a video where students of class II A describe their own Flat Stanley. The missing descriptions will be published in "Flat Stanley Fashion Show part two" as soon as possible.
So ... stay tuned!