"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" (John Lennon)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Creating a quiz using quizity

To the students of class III A, here a quiz I created with quizity.

The quiz is now loading from Quizity.com, the website to create a quiz, please wait...

What you have to do is to crete several questions, add 3 tags, and a photo as a logo. Than publish and share it on edmodo.

Here are the groups:

1. Roberto, Michele, Tommaso
2. Caterina, Francesco, Cristian (it is the quiz I created)
3. Serena, Arianna, Marta C.
4. Marika, Angelica, Giulia
5. Sara, Virginia, Aurora
6. Gabriele, Marco, Simone F., Matilde

Next Thursday I will give you the questions back so that you can create your quiz.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Quality Labels 2013-2014

Dear students here are the Quality Labels we got for our eTwinning projects.
To get a QL means to have done a great job, for this reason I want to thank you and to say "I'm really proud of you all" for all the efforts you made and also for all the fun we had together!
Learning English, being aware of the fact that we are part of a bigger world, knowing more about other cultures means to make efforts but also to enjoy each other company, share ideas and competences to grow up and become global citizens!

Here are the Quality Labels we have been awarded:

Project of class II A (now III A)

Project of class III G and II G (now III G)

Project of class III A (now attending High school)

A special "thank you" must be said to all my Italian and European colleagues, to the parents and to all the other people who collaborated with us

Present continuous: exercises

Students of second classes review the present continuous doing these online exercises:


Possessive adjectives: online exercises

In classes I A, I B, I D and I G we studied possessive adjectives.
here you find some online exercises and game to review this topic.
So ... have fun!




Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Back to the Future: a new eTwinning project for the class III A

This year students of class III A will take part in the eTwinning project "Back to the Future" with French and Norwegian partners.

 This is the project and the activities they are going to be involved in.

As you can see we will use a lot of different apps to motivate and to engage students to do their best, learn more and to have fun at the same time!

This month the students will introduce themselves using "voki" and creating presentations like the following: