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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Questions race 1: family, dates

This post is for students of classes III A, III D and III G.

Today we will start a new activity, a questions race!

I bet you wonder: "What is this strange thing, our teacher invented now?"
Well it is very easy:
- I will write a post like this with one or more  topics;
- you send all the questions you can think of about the topics as a comment to the post;
- the students who sent the more correct questions will get a prize!

There will be a winner for each class.

Hope you are ready to start!

The topics are: family, dates.

Here is an example of the questions you can ask:
1. Have you got brothers or sisters?
2. When were you born?
3. How old is your father?

When you write the questions you can use all the tenses you know (present, past, future)


  1. How old is your mother? When's your birthay? Have you got brothers or sisters? When's easter this year? What's the date today? Are you going to celebrate christmas with your family this year? How many people are your family? Where are you going on your next holiday with your family? When's your parents anniversary? In wich city do you live with your family? CATALINA

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  3. What 's favourite sport ?
    What 's favourite subjects?
    What do in the afternoon ?
    Have you ever visited USA?
    Have you ever ridden a horse ?
    What was yesterday?
    What going to jobs in the future?
    What going next week?
    Where going to holidays?

    1.When were you born?
    2.Where were you born?
    3.Have your mother ever seen London?
    4.Have your father ever cooked?
    5.When was your mother born? And when was your father born?
    6.What did your father do last week?
    7.Where did your mother go last week?
    8.What books did your grandmother read?
    9.In which famous cities did you and your family go?
    10. What did you and your family do yesterday?
    1.How old are you?
    2.When is your birthday?
    3.How old is your mother?
    4.Have you got brothers or sisters?
    5.What is your sister/brother's name?
    6.How old is your brother/sister?
    7.How old is your father?
    8.What do your mother do in your free time?
    9.At the moment, is your father reading a book?
    10.How old is your sister?
    1.What are you going to do tomorrow?
    2.Will your parents go to Paris next month?
    3.Will your aunt have a child in june?
    4.What are you and your family going to do next week?
    5.Will your father go to work on Sunday?
    6.What is your cousin going to do next year?
    7.Where is your sister going to go next March?
    8.Will your uncle go in New York next summer?
    9.When is your cousin going to born?
    10.Will you go to a Liceo next year?

    1. When were you born..??
    2.Have you ever seen london..??
    3. Have you ever eaten a pizza..??
    4.Have you ever copied anyone's work..??
    5.Have you ever downloaded music illegally?
    6.What did you do last weekend..??
    7. In which famous cities did you go..??
    8. What books did you read..??
    9. Have you ever cooked..??
    10. What film did you see..??
    1.Do you have a sister..??
    2.What is your sister name..??
    3. Do you have a son..??
    4. What is your son name..??
    5. How old is your son..??
    6.Are you married..??
    7. What is your husband name..??
    8. Where were you married..??
    9. How old is your husband..??
    10.How old is your mother..??
    1.Will your parents go to Berlin..??
    2.Will your son go to a Liceo next year..??
    3. Is your cousin going to Rome..??
    4.Will your mother go to walk on saturday..??
    5. Will your father go to the cinema next year..??
    6. Will your sister go to MC'Donald next weekend..??
    7. What will you do next summer..??
    8. Will it snow next week..??
    9. Will yu have dance lessons tomorrow..??
    10. Will you have skiing lessons this year..??

  6. Past Simple
    1 When were you born?
    2 Where were you born?
    3 Have you ever gone to Germany whit your husband?
    4 Have you ever cooked with your son?
    5 What film did you see?
    6 What did your mother do for Christmas Day?
    7 What did your father do last Saturday?
    8 Have your mother ever cooked apple pie?
    9 What did you do yesterday evening?
    10 How many books did you read last summer holidays?

    1 Have you got a son?
    2 What his is name?
    3 How old his he?
    4 Do you heve a sister?
    5 What is your husband name?
    6 What are you doing at the moment?
    7 What are you parents names?
    8 How old his your fathetr?
    9 Have you got a cousin?
    10 What is his name?

    1 What are you going to do tomorrow evening?
    2 Are you going to cook for Sunday lunch?
    3 Will it be sunny tomorrow?
    4 Will you go to Madrid in the future?
    5 Will you have a pet in the future?
    7 What school is your son going to attend?
    8 Will your mother buy tomorrow morning?
    9 What instrument your son is going to play in the future?
    10 Where are your family and you going to go next week?

  7. PAST:
    1) what did you do last weekend?
    2) where did you go Yesterday?
    3) what did you do for summer holidays?
    4) what did you do on New Year's Eve?
    5) when did born your mother?
    6) where were you born?
    1) what's your favourite color?
    2) what's your favourite singer? why?
    3) hat's your favourite city? why?
    4) have you sisters or brothers?
    5) how old are you?
    6) what are you doing?
    7) do you like animals?
    8) which you prefere the sea or the mountains?
    9) you have a dog?
    10) what's your favourite food?
    1) are you going to have a lot of children?
    2) where are you going to live?
    3) what are you going to do Tomorrow?
    4) where are you going to go next week?
    5) what are you going to do next holidays?
    6) how will the tecnology in the futur?
    7) will it be weather Tomorrow?
    8) will your Brother pass his exams?
    9) will you go to school Tomorrow?
    10) will you go to school trip next month?
    Sara V

  8. When is christmas? This year, when is easter? When is your birthday? When is halloween? When were you born? How old is your mother? How old is your sister? How old is your brother? How old is your cousin? How old is your grandmother? How old is your grandfather? How old is your child? Have you got brother? Have you got sister? Have you got cousin? When was born your mother? When was born your father? When was born your grandmother? When was born your grandfather? When was born your cousin? When was born your aunt? When was born your uncle? What' s your mother job? What's your father job? How many people are in your family? FANTAUZZI LETIZIA

  9. 1)When were you born?
    2)Where were you born?
    3)When is New Years Eve?
    4)When is Chirstmas?
    5)When was your mother born?
    6)When were your brothers born?
    7)When was your father born?
    8)What's date was it yesterday?
    9)What's date is it today?
    10)When was your cousin born?
    11)What job does your mother?
    12)What job does your father?
    13)How many members are there in your family?
    14)What's your father name?
    15)What's your brothers name?
    16)Have you got brothers or sisters?
    17)Have your family ever seen New York?
    18)Have you ever palyed basketball?
    19)Have your sister ever cheated?
    20)Have you ever stolen money?
    21)Will your brother go to the university?
    22)Where you and your family go to the sea?
    23)Will your cousin have a Latin and Greek lessons?
    24)Wil your sister have a Science lessons?
    25)What are you going to do next year?
    26)Are your father going to Rome?
    27)Are you going to France?
    28)Are your mother going to sing in a choir?
    29)Will your uncle cook the dinner?
    30)Will your aunt skiing?

  10. waths your mum job?
    whats your dad job?
    whats your mother name?
    whats your father name?
    whats your sister name?
    when's your mother birthday?
    when was born your dad?
    what are they doing at this moment?
    where are they now?
    who's your grandfather?
    when's your birthday?
    where do you live?
    Has your cousin a child?
    when's Carnival?
    when's Easter?
    when's Christmas?
    whats your grandma name?
    whats your grandfather name?
    what does your mother usually?
    what does your brother usually?
    what does your father usually?
    your mother is tall?
    your father is slim?
    your brother is cheerfull?
    when was born your sister?
    work that was your grandfather?
    when is your birthday?
    what color his eyes are your mother?
    what color his eyes are your sister?
    what color hair hais is your father?
    what color hair is your brother?

    Filippo Santi 3D Lugnano in Teverina.

  11. 1. When is your birthday?
    2. At the freetime, you and your family are going to the cinema?
    3. Were you stayed in this Christmas holidays?
    4. What are the occupations of your family members?
    5.What’s is your favorite sport? Do you make some sport?
    6.When is New year eve?
    7.In the morning, what time you usually go to school?
    8.Do your family have any pets?
    9.Which school do you attend?
    10. Which are your mother favorite singer?
    11.When were your grandma born?
    12.How many people are there in your family?
    13. Do you have any brothers or sisters? If so, how old are they?
    14. How many cousins do you have?
    15.How many aunts and uncles do you have?
    16. Have you ever been in Italy?
    17.Do you like your country?
    18.How many country have visited you and your family?
    19. Where do your grandparents live?
    20. Where live your mother, when she is little?
    21.Where was you born?
    22.What’s your mother favorite colour?
    23. What job would you like are becoming big?
    24.How old are you?
    25. How old are your mother?
    26. How old of difference have your mother and your father?
    27.How old of difference have you and the most elderly grandparent that you have?
    28. If you have any cousins, how old of difference have you?
    29.Has your mother any brothers or sisters?
    30.And your father, has he any brothers or sisters?

  12. When is Christmas?
    When were you born?
    How old is your mother?
    How old is your father?
    How old is you sister?
    How old is you brother?
    Have you got brother or sister?
    How old is you aunt?
    How old is you uncle?
    How old is you cousin?
    How old is you grandfather?
    How old are you?
    How old is you grandmother?
    When is Epiphany?
    When was you uncle born ?
    When was you aunt born?
    What’s job practice your aunt?
    When was you mother born?
    What’s job practice your father?
    When was you father born?
    What day is today?
    When was you sister born?
    When was you brother born?
    When was you cousin born?
    When was you grandmother born?
    What’s job practice your mother?
    What’s job practice your uncle?
    When is New Year?
    When was you grandfather born?
    What’s job practice your cousin?
    When is Memorial Day?
    Erica Sensini

  13. How many people are there in your family? What is the name of your mother? What is the name of your father? you have brothers or sisters? How old are you? When were you born? when did your mother? when did your sister or your brother? When is Christmas? where were you born? Where did your mother? where your brother was born? you have cousins? How old are your grandparents? when did your aunt? when did your grandmother? when your grandfather was born? when did your uncle? What date is it today? that date was yesterday? How high is your mother? how high is your father? how tall are you? what color is your hair? What color are the eyes of your father? what color is the hair of your mother? What is the job of your mother? What is the job of your father?

  14. 1- How many members are in your family?
    2- When is your birthday?
    3- Have you got brothers or sisters?
    4- When is Christmas?
    5- When is Easter?
    6- When is Epiphany?
    7- What's your sister's name?
    8- What's your dad's name?
    9- What's your mum's name?
    10- What's your brother's name?
    11- What's your mum's job?
    12- What's your dad's job?
    Giorgia 3°/d

  15. PRESENT:
    1 What is your name, Mrs?
    2 How old are you guys?
    3 Is true that tou play the drums?
    4 What do you do before a test?
    5 Which do you like more jeans or skirt?
    6 Do you like dance?
    7 Do you prepare enythink for next weekend?
    8 Do you like Hunger Games film?
    9 Do you like wearing jeans?
    10 Would you like came with us at the party?
    1 Have you ever stolen a book?
    2 What did you do last year at you' re birthday party?
    3 Have you ever bought 10 Km of chocolate?
    4 Has he ever gone to Big Beng in London?
    5 What did they do at last New Year' s eve?
    6 What did you do last afternoon?
    7 Have you ever eaten the watermelon?
    8 Where did you was Sunday morning?
    9 Where did they were when we were to Barcelona?
    10 What type of cake did you do yesterday?
    1 Are you going to phone you friends this afternoon?
    2 How will you study if you will be always to football training?
    3 Are you going to go to the cinema tomorrow?
    4 What are you going to do next this weekend?
    5 Will you go to Jessica' s party tonight?
    6 What time do you finish work tomorrow?
    7 Are you going to do the Trinity this year?
    8 Will you shut the windows if it's rain?
    9 Will we go to the finals of basketball this year?
    10 Are they going to came to Eminem's concert at Rome?


  16. I see many of you wrote a lot of questions, there are some mistakes and some of you didn't quite follow the instructions but ... I'm happy anyway because I can see you worked a lot. Well done. I will correct the questions with you in class.