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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nelson Mandela: a thinglink and a padlet

3rd year students this is the last post about people who fought for human and civil rights for this school year. After having focused our attention on Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King we will now learn a bit more on Nelson Mandela.

Have a look at the documents and videos in this thinglink, listen to the songs and then answer the questions.

Who was Nelson Mandela?
When and where was he born?
Where did he live?
What was his job?
Why is he important?
What are the most important achievements of his life?
Was he married?
Did he have children? how many?
When did he die?

After having answered the questions share in the padlet below your opinion on Mandela, you can even add a photo, a video, a song, a quote referring to him.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trinity GESE 3 and 4: some questions to practice before the exam.

Here there are some questions that will help you practice for the Trinity GESE 3 and 4.