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Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's become tourist guides

Some days ago I explained to the students in Lugnano the project activities they are going to do within the eTwinning project "Let's become tourist guides". They were happy to start the project and some of them have already begun to write their introduction on TwinSpace that is the virtual place where they will meet friends from several countries of Europe.

The project idea is to present the most important sights and tourist attractions of our country to the partner schools. We will make paper booklets and send one of them to every partner school. There are 12 schools involved so every partner will get 12 booklets. We will build a European corner in the language room of our school and put there a big map of Europe and the booklets. The students will learn to know interesting new things about Europe and will learn to present their own country as well.

Here is the list of all the schools involved in the project. 

The main objectives of the project are:

- Students get motivated to use and study English.
- The students' language skills and English vocabulary get better. 
- Students learn to tell in English about the most important sights and tourist attractions of their own country. 
- The map of Europe gets more concrete to the pupils and after the project they will be more aware of the European countries and their location. 
- They will notice how culturally and historically wonderful and significant sights there are all over Europe and learn to respect both their own culture and different cultures. 
- Students will experience the importance and the happiness of getting to know students from different countries.

This is another map with the schools we are working with.

Letters to Finland sent!

Two days ago we were able to send the first letters to Finland together with a little game "who's who" where all the students introduce themselves without telling their names so the others have to guess.

Some of the boys of this class offered to create a poster where to display info and pictures about our new Finninsh friends and the place where they live and we put it on the walls of the classroom some days ago.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy European Day of Languages 2012!

Today is the European Day of Languages and all around Europe people and schools celebrate it. 
Speaking more than one language is very important both because we can communicate and because we can make ourselves understood.
In Europe we speak quite many different languages and it is really nice to be able to use some of them.

Watch these videos on the importance of learning languages and enjoy yourself!

Here is the link to the official European Day of Languages webpage, se if you want to know more about it click http://edl.ecml.at/Home/whatisit/tabid/1760/languages/en-GB/Default.aspx

Last year with some students of Lugnano and Giove we made a video saying CIAO in several European Languages, we liked making it a lot and we also learnt how to say this word in many other idioms.
If you want to see these videos click here:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Writing letters

Dear students of class 3 A here is the file I showed you this morning.
You can find useful tips on how to write a letter. This can be useful both for your "Penfriend project" and it is a good practice for the exams.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Penfriend project with Finland

This year 3rd year school of class III A will be writing to Finnish penfriends.

Italian students have already received their first letters with pictures and photos of their new friends, of their school and the place they live in that is Tyrnävä, in Finland. 

Here is a map to show all of you where we are and where our partners live. 

The Library in Tyrnävä - Finaland

The castle of Giove - Italy

Last Saturday I gave my students the letters and they were so happy, excited and surprised that they wanted to read them immediately. 

They were also curious of getting to know their penfriends and, thanks to the fun game "Who's who", they could see their partners in a photo. 

After having read the letters they were so involved in the project already, that they offered to create a poster where to display material about the project and this was a 

Introduce yourself

Second and third year students will be part of etwinning projects and the first thing they need to do is to introduce themselves.
Last year I created this mind map on this subject that is useful to give you ideas on how to carry out this activity.
Moreover I will ask you to introduce yourself at school in a short speech.
So, please have a look at it and let us know you better.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's "e-Twin"!

The school year has just started and we are ready to start our four eTwinning projects too.
We have started with the first one that is "Happy European Day of Languages!".
This project wants to celebrate the European Day of Language (26th September) and students will send messages and postcards to other students of 85 different European schools and will receive postcards from all these school as well. In the message we wrote:

 "Hello friends!
We live in.......(city/town) in.......(country) and we speak ........(language)
Our school's name is........ (name of your school).
Happy European Day of languages! We love Europe!
Bye bye"

This message was written in Italian and we'll receive messages in many languages so we'll realize how many different languages European citizens speak.
After having written the message and decorated it the students cut and pasted addresses on envelopes, put stamps and sent the letters. They had fun and also learnt how to organize an envelope, and reviewed the names of the European countries and their nationalities.

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Here is the map of all the schools that take part in this project.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's start

And today we've officially started a new school year.
The students of classes II and III A welcomed first year students showing and telling them all about what they did last year and the middle school is like.

They told them about the projects and the beautiful activities and also that it's important to study, do homework and get involved in all the school works.

Our new headmaster came to visit us and wished a happy school year to everybody.

And we are happy to welcome him in our school and we are also sure we'll work together very well.

Happy school year!