"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" (John Lennon)

Monday, June 25, 2012

London town: a song

Listen to this song and watch the video.

Then answer these simple questions:

1. What is Paul McCartney eating?
2. What famous places of London can you see? Name at least five of them.
3. Would you like to go to London? Why?
4. Choose 4 words you didn't know and make four sentences. 

(You can answer these questions and post a comment, or you can send me a message on facebook).

London Town
Paul McCartney & Wings

Walking down the sidewalk on a purple afternoon
I was accosted by a barker playing a simple tune
Upon his flute - toot toot toot toot

Silver rain was falling down
Upon the dirty ground of London Town

People pass me by on my imaginary street
Ordinary people it's impossible to meet
Holding conversations that are always incomplete
Well, I don't know
Oh, where are there places to go
Someone somewhere has to know
I don't know

Out of work again the actor entertains his wife
With the same old stories of his ordinary life
Maybe he exaggerates the trouble and the strife
Well, I don't know
Oh, where are there places to go
Someone somewhere has to know

Crawling down the pavement on a Sunday afternoon
I was arrested by a rozzer wearing a pink balloon
About his foot - toot toot toot toot

Silver rain was falling down
Upon the dirty ground of London Town

Someone somewhere has to know
Silver rain was falling down
Upon the dirty ground of London Town 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good luck!

Today all the 3rd year students are starting their exams so ...

Monday, June 11, 2012


Last Friday, during the end of year celebration, we watched a special cartoon all together. 
The cartoon was in English and it was about two stories: The hole of the wind and The hidden treasure.
The stories were invented by the students of class III D. 
After having created the stories they recorded them with their own voices. The teacher of Art Maurizio Mazzoli collected everything and ... this was the result.

Watch and enjoy it

Friday, June 8, 2012

End of Year celebration in Lugnano

This morning, in Lugnano, we celebrated the end of the school year and in this event the mayor announced the winner of the tale competition (Concorso per il miglior racconto) "Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle" that was an activity we carried out within the Comenius project.

The winner is Tommaso with his tale "Alberto and Selene in the kingdom of Lugnano"

Then Sofia gave the mayor the book with all the winning tales both from this year and last year.

After that we announced the winners of the photo competition who are: Filippo, Ilaria and Giorgia and gave them the prizes too!

After the all these prizes we also delivered the Trinity certificates (the drafts) to all the students who took the exam and passed with very good marks!

Before going home the parents had the chance to see all the posters we realized during the school year showing all the projects we carried out in English such as eTwinning projects, Comenius project, photo competition. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trinity: the certificates

This morning we also awarded the certificates (the drafts) to all the students of the school of Giove who took the Trinity exams.

Lucia, Caterina, Sara A., Sara G., Stella, Angela Rosa, Martina

Translation competition: the winners!

And here are the winners of the translation competition too!

Lucia, Valentina, Agnese. Alessia, Sofia, Sara G.

Caterina, Sara A., Angela Rosa

Photo competition: the winners

This morning, during the end of year party we gave the prize to the winners of the photo competition.
Here you can see some posters showing the products the students made: they took the photo of an animal and then described it in English.

The winners are: Natalia, Catalina, Sara B., Tania, Matteo, Federica.


Premiazione concorso "Miglior racconto"

Oggi, durante la manifestazione di fine anno scolastico, il Sindaco di Giove e l'Assessore alla Cultura di Penna in Teverina hanno premiato gli alunni che hanno scritto il "Miglior racconto" partecipando al concorso "Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle", attività svolta nell'ambito del Progetto Comenius. E' stato un momento particolarmente emozionante e gioioso. 
Gli alunni della scuola secondaria di I grado di Giove hanno anche consegnato al Sindaco e all'Assessore il libro "Mediterranean-European book tale" che raccoglie i racconti vincitori del concorso sia di questo che dello scorso anno scolastico ed alcuni racconti degli alunni spagnoli. 

I vincitori del premio sono:
Sara G., Leonardo V., e Leonardo B. con il racconto "A ghost for friend"
Sara A., Caterina B., con il racconto "The gold pendant".


Monday, June 4, 2012

Comenius project: our opinions

At the end of the Comenius project "Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle" (2010-2012), students, teachers, parents and our headmistress wanted to tell something about the experience we had in these two years. All of us are happy and grateful of the chance we had and in the following video you can see and listen to all the interviews.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Let's review meat!


In class I A and I D we studied food. To revise and consolidate words related to this topic let's start from fruit. 
You can use these flashcards to read, listen and repeat the words, but you can also play games to remember fruit better.