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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What did you do during your Christmas Holidays?

I had a very interesting chat in class III A this morning. They told us what they did and it was very nice to have all of them willing to say something, or at least almost all of them.

Here is a word cloud with all the verbs we used this morning.
These verbs are in the past simple tense and what you have to do is:
- write the base form of each verb;
- make at least 5 sentences in the present
- make at least 5 sentences in the past tense.

Send me your work posting a comment.


Wordle: simple past


  1. WOKE wake DRANK drink WROTE write GAVE give OPENED open SAW see ATE eat FIRED fire MADE did COOKED cook WATCHED watch ENJOYED enjoy UNWRAPPED unwrap RECEIVED receive PLAYED play BROKE break CHATTED chat LISTENED listen WENT go SLEPT sleep WON win. PRESENT SENTENCES:
    1) I open the christmas presents the Christmas day with my family and my relatives to show them what i received.
    2) I cook with my mother delicious food that we eat for the christmas holidays.
    3) I play Bingo with my family on the boxing's day afternoon.
    4) I sleep how much as i can because when i have school i can't so i usually sleep from 2/3 a.m to 11/12 a.m .
    5) I chat on whatsapp and facebook with my friends from all europe.
    1) I gave to Nikoleta her Christmas present last week because she came in Giove.
    2) I won 9 euros at Bingo playing with my family.
    3) I watched Christmas films like "Mum i lost the plane" with my mum the Christmas Day.
    4) I listened to music with my friends and we danced the New Year's eve and the New Years day.
    5) I enjoyed this Christmas because i stayed with my family and my friends. CATALINA

  2. Woke=Wake
    Drank= Drink
    Gave= Give
    Opened= Open
    Watched= watch
    Talked = talk
    Unwrapped = unwrap
    Broke= break
    Went =go
    Slept= sleep
    Won =win
    Listened =liste
    Played = play
    Bought = bay
    Chatter =chat
    Ate =eat
    Made =meke
    1)I love watch TV, expecially the programme "CW" where the film " the vampire diaries"
    2)Every weekend I wake up at 9:00 o'clock in the morning
    3)I like to go to my granparents for the weekends at Attigliano
    4)When I meet with my friends I like to go to the point view for see the mountqins, trees, homes....
    5) I like to do shopling to buy expecially the cholotes.
    1) The Christmas day I won two raunds at bingo
    2) I gave one beautiful gift to my sister for Crhristmas
    3) I made the paper flowers because I like them
    4) For Christmas I received a lot of gift from my parents
    5) I cooked a lot with my sister my dad's mirthday

  3. Good job Nicoleta! There are some mistakes but we'll discuss them in class.

  4. woke=wake; drank=drink; wrote=write; gave=give; opened=open; saw=see; ate=eat; fired=fire; made=make; cooked=cook; watched=watch; talked=talk; bought=buy; enjoyed=enjoy; played=play; received=receive; unwrapped=unwrap; received=receive; broke=break; chatted=chat; listened=listen; went=go; slept=sleep; won=win;
    1) I buy a toy for my Brother for your birthday.
    2) I usually wake up at 7:00
    3) I see evey day a show
    4) For Christmas my Brother receive many gifts
    5) I sleep lot during the holidays
    1) For Christmas I received a perfume of my favourite band
    2) I listened lot of music Yesterday.
    3) I enjoyed this Christmas with my cousins
    4) I won lot of money playing cards with my friends!
    5) I gave the chips to my Brother because he was hungry
    SARA V.

  5. Drank= drink
    gave= give
    opened= open
    watched= watch
    talked= talk
    unwrapped= unwrap
    went= go
    slept = sleep
    won= win
    played= play
    cookie= cookie
    Sentence in the present:
    I love cooking especially dessert
    Every Sunday i go to lunch to my grandparents house
    I love drawing but sometimes i find inspiration
    Every day at lunch time i give food to my dogs
    My brother always sleeps till twelve o'clock
    Christmas Day i enjoyed it because my mother played just dance with me
    Yesterday when i came home from school i went to Lara home and we played with the Wii
    New Year Eve i went to dinner at my cousin house
    Yesterday we returned to school after the Christmas holidays
    Sunday i went to Terni whit my mother

  6. WOKE wake DRANK drink WROTE write GAVE give OPENED open SAW see ATE eat FIRED fire MADE did COOKED cook WATCHED watch ENJOYED enjoy UNWRAPPED unwrap RECEIVED receive PLAYED play BROKE break CHATTED chat LISTENED listen WENT go SLEPT sleep WON win.
    Present sentence:
    1) I unwrap the Christams present with my family,my cousins,my grandparents and my relatives.
    2) I like go to my aunt and uncles house for the weekend.
    3) Every weekend i wake up at 11:00 o'clock in the morning.
    4) I play Bingo with my family and my parents friends.
    5) I love cook with my mum.
    Past sentence:
    1) I love watch TV with my parents,my brothers,my cousins,my aunts and my uncles.
    2) For Christmas i received a lot of gift from my aunts and uncles.
    3) In the Christmas holidays i saw a wedding photo with my parents,my ancles,my aunts,my brothers,my grandparents and my cousins.
    4) The 6th of January i won at "Paperopoli"
    5) I gave a beautiful gift to my brothers for Christmas.

  7. Woke_ wake
    Gave_ give
    Opened_ open
    Saw_ see
    Ate_ eat
    Fired_ fire
    Made_ make
    Cooked_ cook
    Watched_ watch
    Enjoyed_ enjoy
    Unwrapped_ unwrap
    Received- receive
    Played_ play
    Chatted_ chat
    Listened_ listen
    Went_ go
    Slept_ sleep
    Won_ win.

    PRESENT: I usually WAKE up at 6:50, so I can stay in the bed another 10 minutes and at the 7:00 I start to prepare for the school.
    I love cappuccino so I DRINK it every mornings.
    GIVE gifts to dears is allways very nice.
    Now, I and my sisters study how to MAKE our mom's special chocolate cake with fruits and a lot of cream.
    Even if SLEEP too isn't very good, I like it anyway.

    PAST: Yesterday, my dad bought 3 kgs of oranges and I ATE it all in 2 hours.
    For Christmas eve, I COOKED a lot of pastries and cracks, my friend ate it and say I'm a good cook.
    In this Christmas holiday I went shopping with my brother, sister and her boyfriend and we ENJOYED very much.
    In the New Year's Eve I CHATTED with my sister and her husbant who live now in India.
    This holidays, for fun, I and my dears WENT to Venezia for the first time, it was mythical.


  8. Well done! You'll get the prize I promised next Tuesday!