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Monday, December 30, 2013

Flat Stanley around Europe (etwinning project)

This year students of class II A are involved in a very interesting etwinning project called "Flat Stanley around Europe" 
Stanley is the name of a character created by the American writer Jeff Brown. It is a story of a young boy who becomes flat because his bulletin board fall over him one night. So when he wakes up he is flat and he can travel in an envelope and he can discover the world! 

The main aims of this project are :
- to develop communication skills in a foreign language;
- to share information and learn how to connect on a virtual world;
- to improve ICT skills;
- to improve mutual comprehension and knowledge between European countries in order to overcome stereotypes and learn to be tolerant;
- to encourage pupils to know each other better and maybe become friends. 

The teachers, the schools and the countries involved in the project are: 

Each school has created a Flat Stanley and each month sends him/her to another country, so that Stanley can see where the students live, go to school, and experience a bit of their lives too.

In September, after having read the story, all the pupils created their Flat Stanley 

and then we chose one of them to be our Flat Stanley.

So far we have welcomed three Stanleys: from France, 

from Portugal 

and from Norway 

and we have sent our Stanley to Slovenia, Romania and Spain. 

All the Stanleys travel in an envelope with their travel journals where each school write info on the students, on the country and on the activities Stanley has during the time he/she is in a country. 

We have aslo created a poster where we stick each Stanley on his country so that we can see where he comes from at a glance. 

When a Stanley comes to Italy he/she has the chance of being at school with us, having lunch in the school canteen, visiting the school, the students and the teachers' families and experiencing Italian life!


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  2. Projects like this make the school more complete and make the boys "citizens of the word"...It's so funny and easy to learn. Thanks Prof.!

  3. I'm trying to do my best to let the students realize the world is huge and full of great things to discover!

  4. Great blog Chiara!Best of luck to all of you and our Stanleys in 2014!

  5. Waw...Great Teachers and Great students!
    Have a nice 2014

  6. I think this project is really funny! My family think this, too! ;)