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Friday, January 31, 2014

Madrelingua in classe: A special guest today in Lugnano!

This morning, 3rd year students had the visit of a very special guest!
In fact Dawn (Aurora in Italian) came to our class to talk with the students and they asked her questions and introduced themselves.
At the beginning it was not easy to start talking to an unknown person, but after a while it sounded also natural to have her with us.
Almost all the students asked personal questions such as:
1 What's your favourite food?
2 What's your favourite book?
3 Have you got brothers or sister?
4 What did you do last summer holidays?
5 What did you do last Christmas holidays?
6 Where were you born?
7 What's your typical day like?
8 What's the weather like in California?
9 What was your job in the USA?
10 What's your favourite colour?

Then some students introduced themselves telling info about their age, their families, their free time activities and so on. 

It was great to see my students trying to communicate with Dawn this morning, they were curious and they paid attention to all her answers being able to understand her while speaking.
They also took care of their pronunciation, which they don't usually do (!!!), and made efforts to tell her something about themselves.
At last Dawn reminded them that English is important for their future job, for their future life. 
And thinking about this we decided to talk about their future school and their dream job next time she comes. 
In fact she will come again, she will be with us several times as stated in the project we wrote at the beginning of the school year.
The main objectives of this project are:
- to improve communication skills in English;
- to use English in a real context;
- to show interest towards other cultures;
- to build self confidence. 

Well thanks a lot Dawn for having decided to have this adventure with us and thanks to teacher Agostina Giovannini who helped me in contacting Dawn.

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