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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What did our teacher do on holiday?

After having read all the questions in the previous post I'm sure you wonder what I did! If you are curious .... here are some clues, try to guess what I did and where I went and prepare some questions to ask me when we go back to school: I'll be glad yo answer!

In July

In August

Well these are some of the things I did during my summer holidays! 


  1. Wow! you really too advantage of your holidays!! I´m not going to make my guess because I prefer to leave it to the children!!Nevertheless, I´ll pay a lot of attention to the activity, which seems to me extremely interesting...! I confess I´m a little curious...Children! Hurry up! What did your teacher do during her holidays?
    Lots of love.

    1. Thanks Diana! I wish you and your students a very nice school year!

  2. Prof. se ho capito bene dobbiamo preparare delle domande da farle sulle sue vacanze per quando torniamo a scuola? -Roxana B.-

  3. Yes, Roxana, and I'll be happy of answering!