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Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's "e-Twin"!

The school year has just started and we are ready to start our four eTwinning projects too.
We have started with the first one that is "Happy European Day of Languages!".
This project wants to celebrate the European Day of Language (26th September) and students will send messages and postcards to other students of 85 different European schools and will receive postcards from all these school as well. In the message we wrote:

 "Hello friends!
We live in.......(city/town) in.......(country) and we speak ........(language)
Our school's name is........ (name of your school).
Happy European Day of languages! We love Europe!
Bye bye"

This message was written in Italian and we'll receive messages in many languages so we'll realize how many different languages European citizens speak.
After having written the message and decorated it the students cut and pasted addresses on envelopes, put stamps and sent the letters. They had fun and also learnt how to organize an envelope, and reviewed the names of the European countries and their nationalities.

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Here is the map of all the schools that take part in this project.

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