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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Penfriend project with Finland

This year 3rd year school of class III A will be writing to Finnish penfriends.

Italian students have already received their first letters with pictures and photos of their new friends, of their school and the place they live in that is Tyrnävä, in Finland. 

Here is a map to show all of you where we are and where our partners live. 

The Library in Tyrnävä - Finaland

The castle of Giove - Italy

Last Saturday I gave my students the letters and they were so happy, excited and surprised that they wanted to read them immediately. 

They were also curious of getting to know their penfriends and, thanks to the fun game "Who's who", they could see their partners in a photo. 

After having read the letters they were so involved in the project already, that they offered to create a poster where to display material about the project and this was a 

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