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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playing cards!

Yesterday in class III D we reviewed everyday and free time activities together with adverbs of frequency in a different way: in fact we played cards!

How to play:
Divide students in groups of 3 or 4.
Each group has a set of activity card and a set of adverbs card.
The activity cards are given to the students.
The adverb cards are put face down on the table.
A students stars taking and adverb card and make a sentence like "I never go shopping".
If the group decides that the sentence is correct the student can discard the card.
The winner is the students who finishes the cards first.
If a students doesn't know the activity on the card or a word can ask for "help" first to the group then to the teacher. 

This game was really useful to review both vocabulary about everyday activities and free time and to review the use of the adverbs of frequency and their position in the sentence. The students realized the difference between usually, always, never ect. and everyday, once a week. In fact practicing saying these adverbs it came natural saying sentences like: "I always watch TV" and "I do homework everyday". This was also an enjoyable way to get ready for the conversation phase of the Trinity exams. 

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