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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Assisi: audio files part 3


The basilica was built in the mannerist style between 1569 and 1679. It has a rectangular ground plan, divided into a central nave and two lateral aisles, with ten side chapels, a transept and a choir. The church is 126 meters long, 65 meters large and the dome is 75 meters high.

Inside this church there is the Porziuncola that is a little church of the 9th century. In this little church Francis of Assisi decided to give up the world of rich people to live in poverty among the poor and here he started the Franciscan movement.

The transito
The Cappella del Transito is the small room where St. Francis died 3rd October 1226. It was a little hut used for ill people.


The Rose Garden
The rose garden is the last remains of the ancient wood in which St Francis and his friars lived. Here he talked to the doves, inviting them to praise the Lord. Doves have been nesting since a long time in the hands of the statue of St. Francis in this rose garden.
According to tradition, one night St. Francis, feeling the temptation to abandon his way of life, rolled naked in the bramble thorns. In contact with his body, the bramble bushes turned into dog roses (rosa canina) without thorns. Since then, these flowers are here in this garden.

Bifora or window with two lights is the symbol of humanity and divinity.
Trifora or window with three lights is the symbol of the Trinity (The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit).
Rose window is the symbol of Christ.

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