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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Talking about problems and giving advice

Students of class 3 E are studying should and could too just like their friends of class 3 As and we thought of creating two padlets where they can share their problems and give advice to their friends.
They can use their real names, nicknames or invented names.

The activity is as follow:
- students think about 2-3 issues each;
- they write the issues on the padlet called "Teen issues" that is both here and in "edmodo";
- they can use their real names or they can use a nickname or an invented name.

After finishing writing all the posts:
- all the students read the issues their mates wrote
- try to find a solution to at least 2-3 issues each
- post their solutions in the padlet called "Teen advice column"

At the end of this activity students will discuss in groups about the advice and decide if they agree or disagree with the replies.

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