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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Some EU countries

Students of class II As created presentations on some EU countries within the eTwinning project "ESTV".
The students of the partner schools prepared questions on their own countries to be answered by students of other countries and shared them in the twinspace.

So Italian students worked in small groups of 3 and made presentations using different programs such as word, powerpoint, powtoon and to share them on the internet we used box, slideshare and youtube.

The most beautiful thing was to see students reading the questions and looking for the info they needed to answer them by themselves. They asked me only a little help after having found what they were looking for. I was going around them and I really enjoyed to see them involved in searching, analyzing, investigating, choosing what they needed to create their presentation.
It was also a great moment when they showed their work to all the class, they were proud of their own work and interested in the works of the others. 
Nevertheless they learnt a lot of aspects related to the countries their friends live in. 

Videos created using powtoon and shared using youtube. 

Doc created using word and shared using box.

Presentation created using powerpoint and share using slideshare. 

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