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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Old Man comprehension activities.

Students of class II B created some comprehension activities on the stories of The Old Man within the etwinning project
First they  invented the activities and wrote them on their notebook, 
then they created documents on the PC to share with their European mates,
finally they created the activities using "Learning apps" (https://learningapps.org).

Of course these are exercises on a game-shape and the students have fun while doing them and in this way the learn having fun.

Creating the activities allowed the students:
- to think about the grammar to use
- to decide wether to use affirmative or interrogative form
- do choose if to use the present simple or the past simple
- to read their stories again and decide which ones were the keywords or the most important words to create a wordsearch or the hangman and to create the hangman they had also to think about a hint to give.

In this way all the students were involved in using both English at their own level and developing their digital skills. 

Here are the stories with all the activities created so far. 

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