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Friday, February 5, 2016

A special guest in class II Bs for our etwinning project "The Old Man with his FIAT 600 in Europe"

January 16th we hosted a very special guest in class II Bs in Stroncone: the writer of the Old Man!

Students asked him a lot of questions they were really very curious! 
First we collected questions from all the students of the class and from students from France, Norway and Finland. Then we decided what questions to ask and in what order then he came and we asked all the questions!
The week after students of class II Bs wrote all the answers in a google doc, first in Italian then in English and here is the complete interview both in English and in Italian.

When Pigi Sbaraglia arrived in class we first greeted him and told him the stories with the adventures of the Old Man in Italy that the students invented, then he read a story from his book, finally we asked him questions. Before leaving he also left his signature on the book! 
In the video below you can see the most relevant moments of this meeting. 

It was really interesting, involving and fun and for all these reasons we are grateful and want to say the writer Pigi Sbaraglia a big 

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