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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Special guests in Giove: Alastair and Helen I

This morning students of class III A in Giove welcomed two new friends and teachers: Alastair and Helen. They are a great English couple who are coming to school to speak English with our students and teachers too!
We started the meeting with the students asking questions to the two of them and they answered and asked questions back.

We talked about our countries, Italy and the UK, our traditions, food, likes, languages ...

Helen asked the students for advice to improve her Italian and they suggested to :
1. Talk to Italian people as much as she can
2. Listen to Italian songs
3. Read a book
4. Read the newspaper
5. Watch TV in Italian 
6. Watch movies in Italia with English subtitles
7. Buy and use (!) a dictionary to look up unknown words
8. Do exercises (grammar, vocabulary) using a course book
9. Have a pen-friend
10. Chat with  friends on facebook or on other social networks

And after giving her all these suggestions they realized they are the same to improve English!

Then each student introduced himself/herself saying the name and something he/she likes doing.
We had pronunciation exercises and before they left Alastair told us the story of the Castle of Sismano all in English.

We really had a great lesson and wonderful time today with our new friends and we are looking forward to having them with us next week. moreover all the students behaved "practically perfect" and I'm really proud of all of them!

Next week we will talk about hobbies, interests, sports,  and free time activities. 

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