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Friday, March 28, 2014

Alastair and Helen in Giove III

Last Tuesday Alastair and Helen came to Giove again and we had a wonderful lesson.
In fact we talked about Giove and Penna in Teverina. 
First of all Alastair and Helen reviewed some vocabulary about tourism and going places,

then Catalina and Riccardo answered to all the questions their schoolmates asked as if they were working a a tourist office and the students were tourists.

All the students had previously prepared a leaflet with tourist information both about Penna in Teverina and Giove and they really did a good job. 

While they were doing this activity Alastair went around the desks and checked the leaflet.

Not only we enjoyed a lot but we also learnt something new about the places  we live and work. 
Once again we want to thank our special guests and teachers for having been with us and for having given us the chance to learn something we didn't know. 

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