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Friday, March 21, 2014

Dawn in Lugnano V

This morning Dawn came to school in Lugnano and we had a very interesting talking about the U.S.A.
The students asked a lot of questions such as:

What's the weather like in Central America?
What are the most famous monuments?
What do the Americans eat?
Is it true that cars in the USA are bigger than in Italy?
What are the school like in the USA?
Are there many important universities?
What are the most popular amusement parks?
What are the most important National Parks?
Is it easy to find a job in the USA?

and so on.

The questions asked, Dawn answers, our ideas and her experience allowed us to talk about the USA and to learn a bit more.
Talking about the monuments in Washington DC and in New York we also had the chance to talk about the history of the United States from the Independence to nowadays.
Thank you Dawn, you are a precious a unique resource for all of us!

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