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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dawn in Lugnano III

This morning students of class III D in Lugnano welcomed Dawn, our American friend and teacher.
We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a village and of living in a town. 
So the students thought a little bit about it in groups first and then they took turns to say their opinions while Dawn and I wrote all their ideas on the IWB.

After having written all the opinions we then had a discussion and some students thought it was better to live in a village and some others in a city. Some of them also highlighted both the advantages of living in a village and those of living in a city.
The time went by so quickly we had to say goodbye to Dawn to early!
All the students tried to interact with her, some of the them a little bit more and some others were still a little shy. However all of them really did a good job making an effort to communicate their own thoughts in English.

Before the lesson ended we decided the topics to talk about next time and here they are:
- life in the USA;
- my best trip;
- if I could go everywhere in the world where would I go and why?

So. dear students, get ready for the next time!

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