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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dawn with us in Lugnano II

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting Dawn in class 3 D in Lugnano for the second time and we all enjoyed her presence very much. She is very friendly, cheerful and help all of us, both students and teacher, to improve our English language skills and she also tells us about her culture.

Yesterday we talked about what the students would like to be when they grow up and why: their future jobs.
First the students worked in group and compared their ideas then they told Dawn who asked them some more questions to let them talk a bit more.

These are some of the jobs they would like to do:
office worker
tourist guide

Here is a mind map to review other jobs.

After that we had a debate on "going to school" and we discussed pros and cons. We will finish this discussion next Monday in class.

Next time with Dawn we will talk about these two topics:
- differences between living in a town or in village
- life in the USA.

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