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Monday, October 14, 2013

Quality labels

Last school year (2012-2013) we took part in several etwinning project and some days ago I received an email with the news that we had been awarded 4 Quality Labels for the following projects:

Happy European Day of Languages 2012 (classes: II A, I D, II D, I G, II G, II C, II E) 

Pics and facts from Europe (class III A)

Let's become tourist guides (class II D)

A song a month (class II A)

I'm really proud of the work we did together and I would like to say a big

 to all the students who took part in these projects and to all the teachers both from our school and from all the schools of the other countries. We really had a great chance of getting to know each other better, our cultures and to practice and improve English. 

Last school year a lot of students had a wonderful experience thanks to their work, their teachers' work and thanks to eTwinning!

We have already started new projects and we hope we will keep up the good job!

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