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Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Comenius Assistant in the school of Giove

Last Thursday 24th October, Nadja, our Comenius Assistant, came to the school in Giove and met the students of all the three classes.
First she had a warm welcome in class II A where the students were holding a banner made by themselves using old sheets and very beautiful colors, 

after that she answered all the questions the pupils asked her 

At the question: "What is your favourite band?" she asked "Dizzy Mizz Lizzy" and, as we didn't know anything about them, we decided to surf the net and once we found a video with a song we listened to it, so we could learn something new about music and we now know something about this Danish rock band. 

Before lunch the students played the mime game, using the present continuous tense, that we had just studied and all the pupils took part in the game very actively, had a lot of fun and practice English. 

At 1.30 pm Nadja had lunch with all the students and the teachers in the school canteen and had the chance of experience our Italian way of being cheerful!

After lunch we had lesson with the children of class I A who also welcomed her very nicely and happily with a handmade card and a paper banner.

We showed her a power point presentation on Giove and some students told her some historical information on this village. 

Later I told them a ghost story "The ghost of the little girl" that is a tale about a little girl's ghost in the castle of Giove, 

and Rachele told her the legend of Penna in Teverina in Italian and Natalia translated it in English. 

Finally we also had some activities in class III A where the students had cleaned the classroom and tidied the teacher's desk before we arrived! All the boys were waiting for Nadja near the window and gave her the card Lucrezia made and the awesome paper flowers Nicoleta created. 

Then they asked a lot of questions and had a very interesting conversation with Nadja about the school system in Denmark and the differences between the Italian and the Danish system. 

All the students had the chance of speaking English with Nadja, asking her a lot of questions and could also discover a lot of things about Denmark

and something even about Danish, the language spoken in this country. 

Time really went on so quickly we didn't even realize it was time to go home!

for this great day, 
we hope you will come back 
to spend another day with us!

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