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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Europe Day!

Some days ago I asked my students to find info on May 9th. I told them it is an important date for Europe no more!
So they search the net and found all the info to discover everything about it.
Here is a summary of what they found.

9th May is Europe day
This date was decided to commemorate the speech Robert Schuman, French foreign minister, made. He was the first to put forward the ideas behind the European Union such as peace, solidarity an cooperation between its member states.

EU symbols
Motto: United in diversity
European anthem: Ode to Joy composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.
European flag: 12 stars in circle symbolizing ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony between the peoples of Europe.

Other facts about the European Union:

Official languages: 23
Member States: 27, on July 1st Croatia will be the next country to join the EU so there will be 28 states.
Alphabets: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic

For more info on the European Union follow this link: http://europa.eu/

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  1. Great, We'll do something too and I'll put it on my blog so that you can read it.