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Friday, May 17, 2013

eTwinning: spring campaign in class!

Wednesday 15th May, in the morning, two girls of class II A came to class I A and explained to all the students what they did in their eTwinning projects.
Students of class I A too took part in an eTwinning project but they didn't use TwinSpace and Catalina and Sara explained them what it is like using it.

So first of all they told about the first project that was "Happy European Day of Languages 2012" to celebrate the European Day of Languages September 26th (more info on it can be found in this blog under the label "Happy EDL 2012").

After that they went on talking about their project "A Song a month"  that is involving the whole class all the year round and it is still going on (more info on it can be found in this blog under the label "A song a month").

For both project we used TwinSpace and we had the chance to be in contact with the other students and teachers who we are working with. In TwinSpace we can do a lot of thinks that we organized in a prezi.

We also had chat sessions with our new friends and this is one of the activities all the students liked best!

At the end of their presentation I asked them to say what they thing about these projects and eTwinning and ... I really had a great surprise!

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