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Friday, November 25, 2011

Yesterday and today ways of communication

This is the project III D has. It is an eTwinning project and its main aims are:
- to create contacts with European students to know them and the culture of their countries;
 - to improve the use of English as a Foreign Language; 
- to create real chances to use English; 
- to write letters (using pens and paper!) to discover the pleasure of talking about oneself, of knowing other people, of receiving letters;
 - to implement the use of ICT.

The European students involved in these project are from France and Finland.

Italian students have already written the letters to their Finnish friends

and are going to write their answers to their French friends whose letters arrived yesterday and I delivered today.


After having received the letters they immediately started reading them. They were happy to read what their French penfriends wrote.


  1. It was a funny moment! :)

  2. I'm really happy you enjoyed and you had fun getting the letters!

  3. This photos are very very good. :)