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Friday, November 11, 2011

More board games

Last Thursday afternoon, as everybody was more tired than usual, I thought it a good idea to review topics, according to what we did in the morning lessons, using board games.
So classes II A, III A and III B had afternoon lessons in the language room and played board games. The procedure for these games is the same we followed for the game we played in class I D,  that is to say:

1. divide the students in groups of 3 or 4;
2. each group has a die and a copy of the game;
3. the students take turns to throw the die and answer the question of the box they arrived onto;
4. if the answer is correct the player can stay in the box, if not the player has to go back to the previous box;
5.  the group decides if the answer is correct (the teacher can help);
6. the winner is the one who first arrives onto the box "finish". 

In class II A we played a board game to review jobs

 In class III A and III B we played a board game to review the past simple

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