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Friday, November 11, 2011

Postcards project

Last week students of class IA began their postcards project. 
The idea started this summer when I contacted the head-teacher of St. Peter's School in Rossett, Wales,(http://www.stpeters-pri.wrexham.sch.uk/index.html) and she accepted to start this new adventure!
So at the beginning of the school year I told about the project both to our head-teacher, to the parents and my students and .. here we are writing!

The main aims of this projects are:
- to create contacts with European students;
- to know the culture of an other country;
- to improve the use of English as a Foreign Language; 
- to create real chances to use English; 
- to write postcards (using pens and paper!) to discover the pleasure of talking about oneself, of knowing other people, of receiving postcards;
- to develop friendship between schools;
- to motivate students in learning English;
- to share ideas and experiences between students and teachers from different countries.

This is what we did to start the activity:

1. We decided what to write on the postcards and I wrote it on the blackboard.

2. The students copied the postcard prompt on their exercise book.

3. They wrote the postcards using their pencil because they didn't want to send them with mistakes!

4. When they checked the postcards with the teacher they copied them again using the pen and ...

here they are, ready to be sent!

I want to thank Mrs Helen Pritchard and all the teachers of the school in Rosett to have made this experience possible.
And of course thank you to all the English and Italian students as well!

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