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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jobs game

This morning with class III D we went to the language room and we brainstormed all the words we could think of about JOBS so that we created a mind map.
After that we played a matching game.

Jobs game
1. There are two set of cards: set 1 jobs and set 2 skills, adjectives or abilities.

2. The jobs cards are put face down and the other cards face up on the desks.

3. Students take turns to take a card from the jobs cards set and choose a card from the table.

 4. If a student can't find a suitable  card for the job says "I pass".

5. The winner is the student with more cards.

Afterwards we played a variation of this game:
1. each student has some jobs cards;
2. when the teachers says "go" the students try to match their jobs with the cards on the table.

3. the winner is the students who matches their jobs first.

Follow up
When the students finish to play they make sentences like these:
A doctor needs to be patient.
A chef has to be good at cooking.

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