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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

1 Smile Makes 2 Smiles

1 Smile Makes 2 Smiles is title of a new eTwinning project for  students of class I G.
This project is focused on sharing happiness and promoting understanding among nations, friendshop and international collaboration. Students of partner schools will work on several tasks such as collaborative video making, designing logos, posters and T-shirt, writing "happy" journals and looking for ways to make others happy.


• Promote understanding among nations, friendship and international collaboration;
• Share happiness;
• Show the importance of positive attitude; 
• Let students collaborate with foreign peers;
• Let students work in teams, collaborate, communicate, plan, be creative, solve problems, present results and evaluate;
• Promote modern ways of teaching and learning;
• Develop competencies (special focus on social and civic competence, communication in foreign languages, digital competence, cultural awareness and expression, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship);
• Increase students’ motivation towards learning; 
• Improve students’ English skills; 
• Bring European dimension to schools. 

After students have created their profile in the twinspace of the project and after having created a video to introduce themselves they are now working on drawing the logo for the project. 
Here is a padlet with all the logos:

Made with Padlet

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