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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What did you do yesterday, a week ago, last holidays...?

Students of class II As and II Bs started studying the past simple of regular and irregular verbs.

At this link you find a video and grammar notes on regular verbs.


Here is a study set to help you learn some of the most used irregular verbs, there are flashcards and games.

And now some more exercises.






        And now let's have some fun with this particular rap!

After all these exercises and videos you have now learnt a lot of verbs in the past and are now ready to tell the class about your Christmas holidays. So when we go back to school get ready to answer to some of these questions:

What did you do during your Christmas holidays?
Who did you visit?
Who did you spend time with?
What and where did you eat?
What presents did you receive?
How did you celebrate New Year's Eve?
What presents did you buy?
Who did you buy presents for?


  1. we worked on the same topic. You can find a powerpoint that was useful on my blog if you want.