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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Old Man with his FIAT 600 in Europe: II Bs etwinning project 15-16

"The Old Man with his FIAT 600 in Europe" is the title of the eTwinning project class II Bs is involved this year.

"The Old Man with his FIAT 600” is a character created by Italian teacher and writer Pigi Sbaraglia. 

The adventures this character undertakes are funny mainly because he can’t see very well and he takes the wrong way to go where he would like to so that he ends up going and doing something different what he thought. The main idea of this project is to let the Old Man travel around Europe and have several adventures so that he will come to know different cultures, people and languages. Students of the partner schools will write short stories about him in English and create an ebook from the title “The Old Man with his FIAT 600 in Europe: stories and adventures"

We are going to carry out the activities of this project with students of other 4 European countries: France, Finland, Norway and Portugal.

Here is the certificate of our project and this means that it has been approved all the national agencies of the partner schools.

The main aims of the projects are: 

- to work in teams, 
- to share ideas and methods of work both among sts and teachers,
- to use ICT, 
- to improve their technical skills to create videos and ebooks, 
- to improve their artistic skills by taking photos or drawing pictures of their country,
- to create stories in English to be collected in an ebook, 
- to improve their English (writing and speaking),
- to get to know other EU countries and cultures, 
- to broaden their horizons through realize we are part of a bigger community: the UE, 
- to make EU friends. 

So students will create stories about "The Old Man" and will also talk about music, free time, school, sports and hobbies with teenagers of other countries. 

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