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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Quality labels for our etwinning projects!

Dear students of the schools in Giove and Guardea here are the quality labels of our etwinning projects.
We really worked well together and I think we also learnt a lot of new interesting things. Moreover I'm sure you improved your English, you met new European teenagers to communicate with using English, you came to know a bit of their culture and lots of other things.

We had a great school year last year also thanks to eTwinning!

Here are the Quality Labels for each project.

"Pics and facts from Europe" class II A (2014-2015)

"Down the chocolate road" classes I A - I B (2014-2015)

"Past heroes of the English speaking world" classes I G, II G, III G (2014-2015)

"Back to the future" class III A (2014-2015)

All this has been achieved thanks to all the students, the teachers and the families:

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