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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pics from the teenagers' world

"Pics from the teenagers' world" is the new eTwinning project we will carry out with the students of class II A throughout this school year.

In this project students will:
- take a photo a month of their world (it can be the sport they practice, the games they play, the house they live in, their favourite room, object, animal, book, shop, etc. it can be the street they live, the park, the school, the classroom, a school trip etc.);
-  describe the photo in around 50 words;
- the best photos and texts will be chosen to create both an e-calendar and a paper calendar. 

Here are the aims of the project:
- to create contacts with European students to know them and the culture of their countries;
- to improve the use of English as a Foreign Language; 
- to implement the use of ICT;
- to develop writing skills in English (using both formal and informal language);
- to work together with the aim of creating friendly relationships.

 We will work with teenagers from a Finnish school in Mäntsälä and will also send letters to them. 

This is the certificate of our project

This is the link to the Finnish school website 

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  1. I'll speak about it to my class tomorrow of course I'd like to join in.