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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Questions on clothes and more

This morning in class II A we reviewed clothes and, after a reading, we created some questions to ask each other to practice clothes and present progressive.
Here is a link to an old post on clothes where you find some flashcards and you can play games to learn clothes vocabulary better.


This is the list of questions the students created this morning.

What do you wear when you go to a party?
What are your favourite clothes?
What are you doing?
How much o you spend on clothes?
How many pairs of jeans have you got?
What clothes do you like wearing?
Do you like casual clothes? Why?
When do you wear a dress/a skirt?
What do you wear at home?
When do you wear trainers?
How many pairs of shoes have you got?
Do you wear a uniform?
What do you wear at school?
What do you wear in summer/winter/spring/autumn?
What are you wearing?

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