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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pics and facts from Europe: a video to tell parents about our project

Next Friday 7th June students of Class III A will show their parents all the works and the projects they have been carrying out this school year. Among the projects there is also an eTwinning project they liked doing and that allowed them to know more about other people's culture and life. They also had the chance to meet European teenagers and talk with them in English using the chat room in TwinSpace. 
The students described their school, their villages through photos of the most important places and of the street names so that they could also talk about the history and culture of their coutreis.
The last activity we did was a video of Giove with the Itlaian mascot of the project as a tourist guide!

Doing this video wasn't easy because they had to learn the things to say in English and this was quite hard for them but ... they did it: WELL DONE STUDENTS!

The other activities of this project are all reported in the blogs in the eTwinning platform and here is a video that summarizes the most peculiar ones.

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