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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Let's become tourist guides: some videos

Some weeks ago I asked my students to tell me and their friends their opinion on this etwinning project so in this video I recorded what they have said and we also shared it in TwinSpace so that the teachers and the students from the other countries can hear us!

Some days ago we also made a video showing Lugnano and its most important and beautiful places.
When we go on TwinSpace we can see videos form the other nations taking part in this project.
Here you  can see our video.

Some days ago our Finnish friends uploaded this video and watching it it almost as if we were there with them!
We liked it a lot and we share it here so that even our parents can see it.

This last video is about some of the activities we caried out within this project.

I really think the work we have been doing during this school year was important for my students and for me too because taking part in such a project allowed us to be more aware of the fact that we are  living in a bigger place that is to say the European Union, it was a wonderful chance to exchange ideas and experiences and a nice opportunity to let our students practicing English with their European peers!
I hope they will remember this experience and keep on being interested, curious and enthusiastic about communicating in English!

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