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Friday, March 1, 2013

Daily routine game

Yestarday morning first year students of class IA played a very special game.
The game was special because they made the cards themselves at home and they made a very good job.
So they prepared several cards with daily activities drawing the picture on one side and writing the activity on the other side.

How to play the game:

1. Students pair up and put the cards on the desk.

2. They take turns in picking up a card at a time and say a sentence using the activity shown on the card (possibly they also use an adverb of frequency and the time when they do it).

3. After a while the students form groups of four and play the game again.

4. At the end each student pick up a card and say a sentence aloud so that all the students of the class can hear it.

All the students had the chance of saying something about their daily routine and practicing vocabulary referring to these activities, adverbs of frequency and time too. They took their time and nobody was forced in anyway, some of the students also corrected the ones who made mistakes and in this way everything was easier and involving. 

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