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Saturday, February 9, 2013

What's the time? What time is it?


Last week first year students learnt how to ask and say the time in English. The students themselves prepared and explained to the whole class how to say the time in English and I, the teacher, became a student, so I was listening to them and I liked it a lot!
Some of them used the blackboard, some others the interactive board (LIM), one of them created a clock with paper and so on.

It has been a really nice experience for me because I saw my students taking active part in the "learning-teaching" of English, it was nice for the ones who were the "teachers" because they were involved in something a bit more challenging but rewarding and it was nice for all the others because they had "new teachers" and their attention was higher. 
I do not know if this is really the way a flipped classroom works but ... we started learning in a different way and we all liked it!

To tell the time in English we need to remember some words ...

What time is it? It's twelve past eleven.


IT'S + minutes + past or to + hour

Now students, here you find some exercises to review what we did in class.


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