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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chatting in etwinning: how lovely!

Last evening at 6.00 pm some students of class II A had a chat session with their French and Turkish partner of the etwinning project "A song a month".

We all enjoyed this and the previous chat sessions because in this way we can communicate with other students and teachers who live far away but who share the same interests.
The students had the chance of asking a lot of questions about several topics eg. weather, free time, school systems, music, films, tv programmes, etc.

About school we discovered that in France they have three terms, while we have two; in Turkey they have two terms but they were on holiday this week so this means they have holidays in different times of the year. We discussed about our free time activities and sport and the Turkish students told us they watch Milan and Juventus football matches and a boy in France told us he has a rock band. And many other things like these.
Taking part to etwining projects give us the chance of getting to know each other and to know different cultures throughout Europe, discovering differences and similarities, allowing everyone to develop a better understanding of peoples.

We can do all this using English to communicate and this also makes us happy!

So ... let's keep up the good work we have done so far and go on!

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