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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pics and facts from Europe

Pics and Facts from Europe is the etwinning project in which students of class III A are involved this year.

We are working with school of other countries, mainly with a French school and the main objectives of the projects are:
- to work in team both in class and among schools;
- to share ideas and work;
- to improve the use of the ICT;
- to use and improve English;
- to make friends across Europe;
- to get to know other European countries and their cultures better.

We have started working in this project at the beginning of the school year and last Thursday the students had their first chat session. They could "talk" with their new French friends asking each other personal info. In this way the students realized how important is being able to speak English and how nice is having the chance to communicate with teenagers from another country.

But while the students were talking with their French partners the lights went out because the weather was stormy, windy and rainy and ...

Anyway, despite the fact the students had to stop chatting, they really liked the experience and have been glad to "meet" the French students and teacher too!

We hope to have a longer chat next time!

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