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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The house

We studied "the house" with students of class I D last week. And first of all we brainstormed words connected to the rooms of a house and this the map we created. We also put some furniture but not all at the same time.

In fact in a different lesson we added furniture in all the rooms as you can see in map 2.

The students then exercises to say what there is in their houses using the structures "there is", "there are", "there isn't", "there aren't", "is there", "are there?"

In my bedroom there is a bed, a desk, a computer. There are some books, two wardrobes, some CDs and some toys.
              Affirmative from              Negative form                     Interrogative form

SING.      There is a ...                   There isn't a ...                         Is there a ...?
PLUR.     There are ...                    There aren't ....                        Are there ...?

Here you find some more exercises to improve your knowledge about the house and "there is - there are".

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