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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas cards: an etwinning project

First year students are involved in an etwinning project about sending and receiving Christmas cards.
The students created beautiful Christmas cards with the teacher of Art

and wrote their Christmas wishes and some information about their Christmas traditions together with me (their teacher of English).

Deciding what to write on the cards

The main aims of this project are:
- to discover Christmas traditions from other countries;
- to give info about Italian traditions in English;
- to write some personal info about themselves in English;
- to develop friendship about schools of the countries involved in the project (among both teachers and students).

This is the etwinning certificate of the project

Here is a map of the countries we are sending the cards to

 In  this pictures the students are writing the cards. 



And here they are finishing decorating the cards.

The cards are ready and in a few days they will be sent.

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